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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know Whether to Choose A Level 1 or Level 2 Workshop?

The simplest and most helpful rule is this: ­Attend a Level 1 first. ­In the vast majority of cases, attending a Level 2 before attending a Level 1 will lead to an unsatisfying experience for you and for others in the workshop session. ­­

Level 1 workshops are designed for those who have decided to apply for IB authorization as well as those who are relatively new to the teaching of IB courses, and they provide assistance in this process.

Please note that Level 1 workshops are required for authorization.

Level 2 workshops are for those who have completed Level 1 workshops and for those who have taught IB courses for quite a while and have experience with IB student assessment and whose schools have begun the IB programme.

Two groups of teachers "fall between the cracks" of these categories: those with extensive IB teaching experience who find themselves in applicant schools, and those inexperienced in IB teaching who find themselves in schools with longstanding IB affiliation. We hope that those teachers will refer to the goals and objectives of the workshops to choose judiciously.

For further information, please View This Document created by the IB.

Level 1 - Diploma Programme

Level of workshop: 1

Title of workshop: Application and Authorization Workshop

Goals of Workshop:

  • To provide accurate information to schools planning application to the IB
  • To increase the ease of application and authorization
  • To enable schools and teachers to be successful in early years of IB implementation

Objectives of workshop:

  • Participants will become familiar with successful application procedures
  • Participants will become familiar with highly successful applications
  • Participants will create initial drafts of their own applications
  • Participants will create initial course designs
  • Participants will be able to begin implementation upon returning to school from workshop

Intended audience: HOS, IBC, all designated IB teachers, other key employees as deemed appropriate by applicant school (Optional attendees: CAS coordinator, librarian, counselor).

Level 2 - Diploma Programme

Level of workshop: 2

Title of workshop: Experienced Teacher Workshop

Goals of Workshop:

  • To improve the quality of authorized schools' IB programs
  • To form a community of schools offering IB programs

Objectives of workshop:

  • Participants will understand more fully the philosophy of the IB and the Diploma Program
  • Participants will understand practices associated with adhering to the philosophy of the IBO and the Diploma Program
  • Participants will understand more fully IBO assessment practices for the Diploma Program
  • Participants will gain understanding of successful methods of preparing students for IB assessments
  • IBO will profit from the contributions of participating schools to the science and the art of the Diploma Program

Intended audience (from authorized schools): HOS, IBC, subject area teachers, other key employees as deemed appropriate by applicant school.

How Do I Register?

  1. From our home page, click on the Registration Banner at the top of every page on the FLIBS web site.
  2. Find the workshop you wish to register for and click on it.
  3. When you have read the information and policies about the workshop, click on Register.
  4. You will come to a page with a blank field for the attendee's email address. It is important that we have that person's email address as the system will not allow duplicate emails for the attendee. Please note the IB/Curriculum Coordinators email can be duplicated. Please click on the Proceed button.
  5. The following screen will have blank field for name, address and school information. If the attendee's email address is already in the system, his/her information will automatically be entered in the fields. Please verify all of the information. Once all of the contact information is entered, select the subject from the drop-down menu and enter the experience level for the attendee.
  6. Review the cancellation policy then click on the button that says I have read and agreed to the policies.
  7. The next page is a summary that you can print out for a hard copy to submit to your school or school system for payment.
  8. As soon after you register as possible, you will need to ­email or mail your purchase order or check.

Additional Registration Questions

  • I am an IB coordinator. Can I register more than one teacher at a time?
    Currently, each teacher has to be entered separately.­
  • What if I don't have a PO or check?
    FLIBS will send you confirmation of your enrollment in our workshop when we receive either the purchase order or a check for the full amount.
  • I need to send some people to training, but I don't know who can go yet. Can I just hold some places?
    We require that you enter a name and e-mail address for each participant. However, this information can be changed at a later date. As long as we have a purchase order or check, the space will be reserved. Without them, no spaces will be secured.
  • What if I register someone and they change their mind or cannot go?
    We have a cancellation policy that is outlined on the main page of the workshop you are interested in. As long as the cancellation is in writing and comes before the deadline, there will be no charge. If there is simply a replacement within the same subject area and workshop level, there will be no charge.