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FLIBS Scholarships

Application for FLIBS Scholarships 2014-15

Application for 2014-15 FLIBS Challenge Scholarship (out-of-state DP candidates whose school has sent participants to FLIBS workshops)

FLIBS proudly announces the winners of the 2014 Florida League of IB Schools Scholarships:

$2,500 Winners:

  • Jelysbeth Bobadilla of Gateway High School
  • Daniel Farrell of Celebration High School
  • Adela Lilollari of St Petersburg High School
  • Brian Do of Strawberry Crest High School
  • Benjamin Jones of Flagler Palm Coast High School
  • Kimberly Bress of Melbourne High School
$5,000 Winners
  • Regina Murphy of South Fork High School
  • Sanchit Bhattacharjee of Ferguson Senior High School
$10,000 Winners
  • Marina Bruck of Winter Park High School
  • Jack Norleans of Ft Myers High School

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